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he ripped apart a loaf of bread

Le 21 juin 2017, 06:15 dans Humeurs 0

Jon had his lie all ready. “The Lord Commander sent me to the Halfhand for seasoning, so he took me on his ranging.”  Styr the Magnar frowned at that. “Ranging, you call it... why would crows come ranging up the Skirling Pass?”  “The villages were deserted,” Jon said, truthfully. “It was as if all the free folk had vanished.”  “Vanished, aye,” said Mance Rayder. “And not just the free folk. Who told you where we were, Jon Snow?”  Tormund snorted. “It were Craster, or I’m a blushing maid. I told you, Mance, that creature needs to be shorter by a head.”  The king gave the older man an irritated look. “Tormund, someday try thinking before you speak. I know it was Craster. I asked Jon to see if he would tell it true.”  “Har.” Tormund spat. “Well, I stepped in that!” He grinned at Jon. “See, lad, that’s why he’s king and I’m not. I can outdrink, outfight, and outsing him, and my member’s thrice the size o’ his, but Mance has cunning. He was raised a crow, you know, and the crow’s a tricksy bird.”  “I would speak with the lad alone, my Lord of Bones,” Mance Rayder said to Rattleshirt. “Leave us, all of you.”  “What, me as well?” said Tormund.  “No, you especially,” said Mance.  “I eat in no hall where I’m not welcome.” Tormund got to his feet. “Me and the hens are leaving.” He snatched another chicken off the brazier, shoved it into a pocket sewn in the lining of his cloak, said “Har,” and left licking his fingers. The others followed him out, all but the woman Dalla.  “Sit, if you like,” Rayder said when they were gone. “Are you hungry? Tormund left us two birds at least.”  “I would be pleased to eat, Your Grace. And thank you.”  “Your Grace?” The king smiled. “That’s not a style one often hears from the lips of free folk. I’m Mance to most, The Mance to some. Will you take a horn of mead?”  “Gladly,” said Jon.  The king poured himself as Dalla cut the well-crisped hens apart and brought them each a half. Jon peeled off his gloves and ate with his fingers, sucking every morsel of meat off the bones.  “Tormund spoke truly,” said Mance Rayder as . “The black crow is a tricksy bird, that’s so... but I was a crow when you were no bigger than the babe in Dalla’s belly, Jon Snow. So take care not to play tricksy with me.”  “As you say, Your - Mance.”  The king laughed. “Your Mance! Why not? I promised you a tale before, of how I knew you. Have you puzzled it out yet?”  Jon shook his head. “Did Rattleshirt send word ahead?”  “By wing? We have no trained ravens. No, I knew your face. I’ve seen it before. Twice.”  It made no sense at first, but as Jon turned it over in his mind, dawn broke. “When you were a brother of the Watch...”  “Very good! Yes, that was the first time. You were just a boy, and I was all in black, one of a dozen riding escort to old Lord Commander Qorgyle when he came down to see your father at Winterfell. I was walking the wall around the yard when I came on you and your brother Robb. It had snowed the night before, and the two of you had built a great mountain above the gate and were waiting for someone likely to pass underneath.”  “I remember,” said Jon with a startled laugh. A young black brother on the wallwalk, yes... “You swore not to tell.” 

one of thecommonest of qualities

Le 23 mai 2017, 06:07 dans Humeurs 0

No sooner did the keel grate clear brillianton the shingle than a score ofsoldiers rushed down to seize us. Before they could do so wehad shoved off. The shore was very steep. In a moment wewere in deep water, and our lads pulling for dear life. Thencame a storm of bullets from matchlocks and jingals and thebigger guns, fortunately just too high to hit us. One bulletonly struck the back-board, but did no harm. What, however,seemed a greater danger was the fire from the ship. Ere wewere halfway back broadside after broadside was fired overour heads into the poor devils massed along the beach. Thiswas kept up until not a living Chinaman was to be seen.
I may mention here a curious instance of cowardice. One ofour men, a ship's painter, soon after the firing began andwas returned by the fort's guns, which in truth were quiteharmless, jumped overboard and drowned himself. I have seenmen's courage tried under fire, and in many other ways since;yet I have never known but one case similar to this, when afriend of my own, a rich and prosperous man, shot himself toavoid death! So that there are men like 'MonsieurGrenouille, qui se cachait dans l'eau pour eviter la pluie.'
Often have I seen timid and nervous men, who were thought tobe cowards, get so excited in action that their timidity hasturned to rashness. In truth 'on est souvent ferme parfaiblesse, et audacieux par timidite.'
Partly for this reason, and partly because I look upon it asa remnant of our predatory antecedents and of animalpugnacity, I have no extravagant admiration for merecombativeness or physical courage. Honoured and rewarded asone of the noblest of manly attributes, it is , - one which there is not a mammal, abird, a fish, or an insect even, that does not macau jobs for foreigners share with us.
Such is the esteem in which it is held, such the ignominywhich punishes the want of it, that the most cautious and themost timid by nature will rather face the uncertain risks ofa fight than the certain infamy of imputed cowardice.
Is it likely that courage should be rare under suchcircumstances, especially amongst professional fighters, whoin England at least have chosen their trade? That there arepoltroons, and plenty of them, amongst our soldiers andsailors, I do not dispute. But with the fear of shame on onehand, the hope of reward on the other, the merest dastardwill fight like a wild beast, when his blood is up. Theextraordinary merit of his conduct is not so obvious to thepeaceful thinker. I speak not of such heroism as that of theJapanese, - their deeds will henceforth be bracketed withthose of Leonidas and his three hundred, who died for a likecause. With the Japanese, as it was with the Spartans, everyman is a patriot; nor is the dr bk laser hk proportionate force of theirbarbaric invaders altogether dissimilar.

see how the weaving

Le 9 mai 2017, 06:41 dans Humeurs 0

The emperor soon sent again tomorrow’s leaders , dispatching another honest statesman, to was going on , and if the stuff would soon be ready . He fared just like the first : he looked and looked , but , as there was nothing to be seen but the empty looms , he could see nothing .
“Is not that a pretty piece of stuff?” asked the two cheats; and they displayed and explained the handsome pattern which was not there at all.
“I am not stupid!” thought the man----“it must be my good office , for which I am not fit . It is funny enough , but I must not let it be noticed .” And so he praised the stuff which he did not see , and expressed his pleasure at the beautiful colours and the charming pattern. “Yes, it is enchanting,” he said to the emperor.
All the people in the town were talking of the gorgeous stuff. The emperor wished to see it himself while it was still upon the loom. With a whole crowd of chosen men, among whom were also the two honest statesmen who had already been there, he went to the two cunning cheats, who were now weaving with might and main without fibre or thread.
“Is that not splendid?” said Neo skin labthe two old statesmen, who had already been there once . “Does not your majesty remark the pattern and the colours?” And then they pointed to the empty loom, for they thought that the others could see the stuff.
“What' s this?” thought the emperor. “I can see nothing at all ! That is terrible . Am I stupid? Am I not fit to be emperor? That would be the most dreadful thing that could happen to me . ”
“Oh , it is very pretty !” he said aloud . “It has our exalted approbation . ” And he nodded in a contented way , and gazed at the empty loom, for he would not say that he saw nothing. The whole suite whom he had with him looked and looked, and saw nothing, any more than the rest ; but , like the emperor, they said, “That is pretty !” and counselled him to wear these splendid new clothes for the first time at the great procession that was presently to take place . “ It is splendid , tasteful , excellent !” went nu skinfrom mouth to mouth . On all sides there seemed to be general rejoicing, and the emperor gave each of the cheats a cross to hang at his button-hole and the title of ImperialCourt Weaver.

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